My 1 Hour Content Plan for Instagram — Ready to plan some posts?

Want to create a content plan for Instagram?

In this post, I’ll show you my 5 step process for planning Instagram content.

This process is so fast you can even get it done in 1 hour!

Why create a content plan for Instagram?

Having a content plan will help you stay organized and work more effectively.

Plus, it will make you more confident knowing that your posts are well researched, planned and scheduled for posting at best times.

If you think planning a whole month of content is a lot of work — you can start by planning weekly posts.

I guarantee you will see a difference in the way your content is performing.

But before you start thinking what to post, you need to have a clear understanding of what you’re trying to achieve with your Instagram.

These are all examples of marketing goals you can set for your Instagram.

Now, let’s start planning some Instagram content.

How To Create an Instagram Content Plan in Just 1 Hour

Below are my 5 steps:

Now let’s dive into each of these steps.

Step 1. Be clear about who you’re targeting

Think of who are the people that you’re trying to attract to your Instagram profile.

Does your ideal audience resemble college students who love to relax, listen to music when studying?

Then, you can share study tips, study music, home decoration, and inspirational quote to motivate them.

Remember: People aren’t buying things and services. They’re buying experiences, transformation and who they become once they buy your product.

Step 2. Get a good planning tool

Let’s get real — nobody has time to draft posts every day.

It’s so time-consuming!

Yet, brands and influencers post several times a day.

How do they do it?

They use scheduling tools to plan and schedule posts way in advance.

The secret to staying efficient while posting more content is to work in batches.

  • plan content in batches
  • create graphics from templates
  • save your most used hashtags into groups
  • create caption templates
  • load posts into a scheduler that auto-posts

My current app of choice is Pallyy — it helps me automate my social media content and I can track my insights too!

Some of the features I love on Pallyy:

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Step 3. Decide on your content themes

Creating your content themes will help you stay focused on your strategy.

This will also make coming up with ideas much easier.

Here are some content themes you can use as a guide:

Step 4. Design your Instagram grid pattern

You’re probably thinking “I don’t need this”.

But your feed will look messy, plain or boring.

The main thing that attracts people to follow a page on Instagram is aesthetics.

People like to follow brands that are cohesive in their messaging, use the same colors, filters and follow a posting pattern.

If you need some inspiration or help to choose a color scheme for your brand I highly recommend using Coolors.

You can visually plan your Instagram feed with Pallyy.

Another option is to create a 3 x 3 squares pattern in Canva and use that as a template to plan your Instagram feed grid.

Step 5. Create a posting schedule (and stick to it!)

So how do you create a posting schedule?

Start with a posting frequency you’re comfortable committing to.

It can be 3 times per week or 2 times per day.

In the last quarter (June-Sep) my average post frequency was 3 posts/week.

I found that to be a sweet spot for me, so I still have something new to post on my feed without repeating myself.

It doesn’t matter how often you post, but how consistent you are.

When you show up consistently for your audience you will build relationships.

So how to know the best time to post?

You’ll also need to do a bit of experimenting.

Try posting at different times of the day, and days of the week to find which times your audience is most active.

Then you can check your insights on the Instagram app or Pallyy (this shows you more detailed times according to your audience).

Unfortunately, there isn’t a universal time that works for everyone.

In my case, I schedule my posts around 11:00 am — 13:00 pm as that is the time I get most interactions.

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Originally published at on October 7, 2021.



Alle is a Content Marketer and SEO Writer who blogs about startups, business, technology, leadership and all things social media marketing.

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Alle Ceambur

Alle Ceambur

Alle is a Content Marketer and SEO Writer who blogs about startups, business, technology, leadership and all things social media marketing.