If I could only keep 3 Marketing Tools, these are the apps I would choose

Alle Ceambur
3 min readAug 22, 2022


Let me tell you about my favorite marketing tools and subscriptions.

Being a content marketer full-time, takes a lot of time. And the more time I can save, the more clients I can take and … more income! So for the last year, my priority was to keep my existing clients happy by optimizing my workflow and reducing time spent on creating, managing and scheduling content.

So, If I had to cancel ALL MY marketing tools subscriptions, these are the 3 tools I would definitely keep.

Let’s talk about them!

#1: An All-In-One Social Media Management Kit

Obviously, there are many FREE scheduling and analytics tools for marketers on the market. If you ask me — TOO MANY! But since all major social media networks provide publishing APIs, developers can now create scheduling tools easily.

So I am not talking about choosing just a scheduling tool here. But a complete social media management kit like the ones offered by Pallyy, where you get:

  • An easy to use Publishing Calendar (with drag & drop features) where you can track drafts and assign posts for your Team
  • Manage ALL your clients social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, Pinterest) from a single dashboard
  • Advanced analytics tools to help you track your clients’ performance against goals and competitors
  • Export PDF Analytics Reports and share them with clients
  • Workflows & Team collaboration tools to divide tasks

Want to know what I mean by a Complete Marketing ToolKit? TRY Pallyy to get started [FREE 30 Day Trial]

#2: A Payments & Invoicing Tool

Now that you have your marketing toolkit and you can sign up as many clients as you want, the next tool you absolutely need as a marketer is a tool to help you collect payments and send invoices, like Stripe.

Here are a few reasons why I recommend Stripe:

  1. It’s FREE to create an account
  2. Accepts various payment methods
  3. Allows you to create packages for your marketing services
  4. You can create recurring series (3 months, 6 months payment plans)
  5. Send custom invoices with your logo and branding
  6. Integrate it with your website and collect payments
  7. Set-up auto transfers to your bank account
  8. The payment page looks more professional compared to a PayPal

#3 An Email Marketing Tool

I know you may be thinking “💭 email marketing? Isn’t that a thing of the past?”. Well no, it’s still very alive and effective!

Having an email marketing tool like Mailchimp helps you create sign-up forms and save your clients, or blog readers’ emails so when you decide to launch a new product, or service you can always market to them.

Trust me, email marketing is important for marketing agencies.

  • You own your email list (so if Instagram decides to block your account tomorrow, you still have your clients contact!)
  • People who sign up on your email list are more likely to buy from you than someone who’s never heard of you
  • You don’t need to send emails very frequently to your list (don’t be a spammer) — but you can send email updates monthly and offer special discounts to your members.

So these are the 3 tools I would keep if I had to cancel all marketing subscriptions. With a complete social media management kit, a payment & invoicing tool and an email marketing software, I think my business would still be able to grow and succeed!

Over to you: If you had to cancel all your Marketing tools subscriptions — What would you choose to keep?

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