Blogging vs Social Media Marketing: 3 Reasons Why Having a Blog is Better

Alle Ceambur
3 min readMar 21, 2022


Here are my favorite 3 reasons for having a blog:

1. You don’t need to post daily on your blog

Think of this: How often do brands post on social media? At least 3 times/week if not daily!

With a blog, you can post 1–3 times per month and still have regular traffic.

As an experienced marketer, managing multiple brands’ social media accounts, I know how much time it takes to create, schedule & post 20+ social media posts every month.

You need to constantly search for new trends, and come up with content ideas that are creative, valuable, authentic, engaging, and that bring you some form of return on investment (ROI).

And I haven’t even touched on analytics & reporting.

Maintaining a blog takes less time and you don’t even need subscriptions fo scheduling tools. I used to post 3–4 posts a month in the beginning. Nowadays I post 1 article per month and still get good organic traffic (above 10k visits per month).

But productivity is not even the main benefit when it comes to blogging vs social media.

2. Social media posts lack SEO capabilities, a blog can be searched on Google

As a business owner, you want to find the best ways to reach your customers. Do your customers spend most of their time on social media? Yes? Maybe.

Social media is a popular channel for engaging with customers, but it lacks one major thing: Search-ability. Purchase intent. And even #SEO. This is where a blog comes in.

Most people use Google to search for answers, find solutions to problems and learn new things. In return, they get directed to read educational blog posts.

3. A blog is best used as an attraction and retention tool

With a business blog, you don’t need to be selling hard. Instead, by publishing valuable, helpful and educational content, people will come to your website. Eventually, they’ll enter your email list by choice, not force.

That’s what your business blog is best used for: as an attraction and retention tool.

Now that you know why you can’t ignore having a blog, check out my top tips that helped my clients grow their blog traffic to 100k visists in just 6 months.

Final thoughs:

A successful blog is one that helps attract and nurture your readers. Compared to social media content, blog posts are much more valuable in long term. Also a blog is searchable, so you can take advantage of the Google search feature to get your website in front of interested people.

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