4 Ways to Identify High-Level Social Media Clients

Alle Ceambur
2 min readJun 9, 2022


High-level clients are people who have a lot of influence over others. They’re often in positions of authority, so you need to understand how to write for them. So when you write for them, you need to understand how they think and act. In this post, I’m sharing a few tips for identifying high-level clients.

How to identify high-level clients for your social media business

  1. Niche market

High level clients usually come from a technical, IT, finance, medical or any profession that is not commonly advertised on social media. Usually, they will tell you they created a unique product/service/subscription that is going to revolutionize the market. Believe me when I say: you need to act interested and show enthusasm for their product. Otherwise, don’t work for them.

2. Subject matter complexity

Writing content for high-level clients requires you to study extensive technical materials, product descriptions and even learn jargon that’s not commonly used by the average folk. That’s why, it’s important to research their brand before starting to write a single word.

3. Above-average expectations

Every client expects good work from their writers. However these high-level clients want GOLD: aka. the highest level of writing proficiency, expert graphic design skills and above-average marketing knowledge. Not to mention, they’ll check on your writing and will be able to find even the slightest formatting errors. So make sure you double-tripple check your grammar and proofread ALL your text before sending it to them for review.

4. High influence and authority

Most high-level clients are well established brands. They have built a social media presence and have a group of loyal clients. As a result, this client creates a higher pressure on you as a writer to deliver the greatest quality of work, and meet deadlines. Otherwise, they’ll threaten you with bad reviews or switching to a different agency — because they have the budget to do so.

My advice: make sure you ask a lot of questions and get all the information you need from this client before you start working for them. This will help you understand the expectations and deliverables before you commit.

I shared more tips for working with these high level clients in this post.



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