3 Instagram Tips & Hacks That Don’t Work in 2022

Alle Ceambur
3 min readMar 16, 2022

You all know I love a good Instagram tip or hack that can save me time. Like discovering a new mobile app that helps me edit a Video in 5 seconds. Doesn’t it sound great?

Well, let me tell you that not all hacks work. And some that work may not be as easy as they seem.

So, without further ado …

Let me share the 3 Instagram Tips That Don’t Work so you don’t waste anymore time.

Instagram Tip #1: “Just post consistently and you’ll grow” — said every marketing guru ever

Why this advice it’s not working? Simply because is an outdated growth strategy.

Instagram has been playing (A LOT) with their feed algorithm in the last 3 years. With every new feature they add (be it Lives, or Reels, or Shops), they’re giving an advantage to users who use it most.

It’s no longer enough to post consistenly on Instagram. You need to post the “right” content format to reach users on Explore page. Right now, that’s Reels. — But who knows what other content format Meta cooks out in the future?

Instagram Tip #2: You need to post A LOT of Content (3+ times/day)

I’m sure you’ve heard this one quite a bit.

“How can you grow if you’re not posting enough?” This seems a reasonable think to do. Am I right?

Well, no. Don’t do it.

I am serious. If you haven’t been active on Instagram for a while, you can’t just start blasting 3 posts/day. In a few days you’ll get your account marked as a spammer by Instagram and you’ll be locked out of it.

Instagram is taking serious action against fake accounts, spammers and bots, in an effort to clear the app from this type of accounts. So any sudden spike in activity (be it following 100+ accounts in 1 hour, or posting 10 posts in a row) can seriously get you in unnecessary trouble.

Trust me, I’ve had my Instagram deactivated before and it’s not easy to get it back.

Tip #3: Use Apps & Subscriptions to Grow Followers Fast

Listen folks, I am a huge fan of using automation in my work.

Content scheduling tool? Instagram analytics apps? Hell yeah!

But you should know where to draw the line between using approved tools and tools that can get your account shadow-banned.

Instagram doesn’t approve of accounts (and websites, apps, subscriptions) that guarantee a followers growth. So don’t use any app/service that claims you’ll grow your followers by 10k in 1 week.

If it sounds too good to be true? Can get your account deactivated by simply associating yourself with them.

Final thoughts 💭

There are many effective tips for Instagram enthusiasts. But you should know that some are outdated, while others that go against Insragram’s Content Guidelines and can totally get your account deactivated. Before trusting everything you see TikTok and Instagram gurus post, try to think if getting your Instagram deactivated is worth it.

My advice for you is: It’s better to play it safe. Stick to posting good, valuable content without chasing unrealistic growth goals.

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Alle Ceambur

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