3 Instagram Tips & Hacks That Don’t Work in 2022

Instagram Tip #1: “Just post consistently and you’ll grow” — said every marketing guru ever

Why this advice it’s not working? Simply because is an outdated growth strategy.

Instagram Tip #2: You need to post A LOT of Content (3+ times/day)

I’m sure you’ve heard this one quite a bit.

Tip #3: Use Apps & Subscriptions to Grow Followers Fast

Listen folks, I am a huge fan of using automation in my work.

Final thoughts 💭

There are many effective tips for Instagram enthusiasts. But you should know that some are outdated, while others that go against Insragram’s Content Guidelines and can totally get your account deactivated. Before trusting everything you see TikTok and Instagram gurus post, try to think if getting your Instagram deactivated is worth it.



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